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Berwyn Transponder Key Programming

Transponder keys are a welcome upgrade to the “car key” of old. When transponder keys are used, the likelihood of your car getting stolen is slim. You can no longer hot wire it as seen in the movies; your smart system will prevent that from happening. You can’t duplicate the key itself as the chip embedded in the head must be programmed to match the car’s onboard computer first. The benefits of having and using transponder keys are numerous but they do have one drawback; they are very expensive to program if they are lost, damaged or broken. Not to worry – Berwyn Mobile Locksmith has a fast and very affordable remedy; call us!

Call Now: (708) 584-1029

Let’s back up a bit. A transponder key consists of the usual parts; a head for holding and turning, and a blade with notches and grooves cut into it. The difference is that inside that key head is a computer chip that sends a specific signal to your car’s computer when the ignition key is turned. That signal must be recognized they car and if not, the engine will not start. If you’ve broken your key, lost it or if it’s missing from theft or human error, you’ll need a new one made. Naturally, this involves programming the chip in your new key. The usual way to get this done is to have your local car dealership do the work. This involves a hefty fee, a tow truck and a long dealership service area wait. Your consolation is that your key will be a workable, authorized one and that you hopefully will never have to get this chore done again! Berwyn Mobile Locksmith has an easier, faster and far less expensive alternative; call our shop and have us do the exact same task, instead!

Call Now: (708) 584-1029

Here in Berwyn, IL you don’t have to spend a lot or wait a long time to get your new transponder key programmed. All you need to do is call our Berwyn Mobile Locksmith location and schedule it. Our shop offers affordable transponder key programming at a fraction of the price your dealer charges. Also, no tow fees are ever needed as we come to you! Our service is authorized, guaranteed, affordable and convenient. What could be better? We also offer:

  • Smart keys
  • Car door unlocking
  • Full service alarms
  • Ignition cylinder replacement
  • Auto trunk opening
  • Keyless entry repair
  • And much more!

Call Now: (708) 584-1029